Twitter gives 35 VIPs a higher reach

A Twitter watchdog reveals that the platform has been secretly boosting the profiles of its celebrity users.

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The Future. Twitter is reportedly secretly boosting the visibility of 35 VIP users (including Elon Musk), letting them bypass the platform’s rules so that their tweets are seen by basically everybody. Considering that Musk’s battle against legacy blue checks is allegedly about democratizing Twitter, the existence of the VIPs may just prove that was never the case… in case you needed more convincing.

Top flight tweeters
Twitter’s tipping the scales.

  • Twitter is boosting the profiles of users such as LeBron James, MrBeast, Ben Shapiro, President Joe Biden, Trump acolyte catturd2, and, of course, Elon Musk.
  • The internal documents unearthed by Platformer detailed how tweets by these users are monitored and boosted to “automatically be more visible than others.”
  • Their tweets also “bypass a Twitter algorithm which prevents too many posts from a particular user from being viewed.”

This comes on the heels of Platformer, ever the Twitter watchdog, finding that Musk requested (back in December) that Twitter’s code be edited to boost his posts… which then became “make my posts more visible than anyone else’s” after President Biden’s Super Bowl tweet had more engagement than Musk’s.

That’s what $44 billion gets you.


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