Ubisoft logs into NFTs

Video game giant Ubisoft plans to launch its own NFTs, dubbed “Digits.”

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Ubisoft logs into NFTs


The Future. Video game giant Ubisoft plans to launch its own NFTs, dubbed “Digits.” But as the NFT market gets more and more saturated, Ubisoft is struggling to win over fans with just a cosmetic NFT drop. As metaverse games like Sandbox and Decentraland surge in popularity, the metaverse might one day usurp traditional video gaming.

Entering the NFT chat

Ubisoft is getting into the NFT game with Digits.

  • Digits will be available on Ubisoft’s game Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
  • They will come in the form of unique, in-game collectibles such as vehicles or weapons, and are only cosmetic — they don’t affect gameplay in any way.
  • They will be the first playable NFTs in an AAA game (a video game produced or developed by a major publisher).

The beta begins on Thursday, and Ubisoft will drop free NFTs to PC players.


NFTs have come under fire recently for their impact on the environment. Most NFTs are bought on Ethereum, which uses large amounts of energy in order to run “proof of work” algorithms.

Anticipating potential backlash, Ubisoft has set up Ubisoft Quartz to manage Digits. Quartz utilizes the Tezos blockchain, a “proof of stake” blockchain that claims it is more energy-efficient than Ethereum or Blockchain. Still, not everyone is thrilled with Ubisoft’s venture into NFTs.


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