Ukrainian ad agencies battle propaganda

Ukrainian advertising and marketing professionals are fighting back with their skills.

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Ukrainian ad agencies battle propaganda


Future. Ukrainian advertising and marketing professionals are fighting back with their skills.  Several firms are disseminating media, releasing up-to-date records, and crafting slogans that can inspire the people at home and rally countries abroad. With how moved the West has been because of the resolve of the Ukrainian people’s fight against Russia, winning the information war could prove to be crucial in the digital age.

Advertise strength and survival
Advertising firms are using their skills to battle Russian invaders.

  • Banda posted a heartbreaking video with the campaign hashtag #StandwithUkraine, and has also created a series of posters pleading for immediate help and questioning why Ukraine isn’t in the EU yet.
  • Depositphotos, a content platform for stock media, is pumping out a library of up-to-date images from Ukraine so that global news agencies can use them in their reporting.
  • PreventWW3, a group of anonymous advertising and marketing professionals, is creating materials to “encourage local citizens to donate to help the wounded and refugees, persuade the NATO alliance to close airspace over Ukraine, and counter Russian misinformation.”

It’s clear that the Ukrainian people are using every tool at their disposal to fund the fight, recruit soldiers, and inspire the world to send both military and humanitarian aid.


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