The wealthy are taking vacations to literally live longer

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The Future. Travelers are spending tens of thousands of dollars at luxury resorts, wellness centers, and longevity retreats on medical interventions that could potentially help them live longer. As the fascination with longevity continues to grow, don’t be surprised if wellness memberships start to become as commonplace as gym memberships.

Longevity lounging
Vacations are turning into the most expensive trip to the doctor’s office.

  • Luxury resorts and wellness centers are offering procedures like poolside vitamin IV drips, biological age testing, and early detection cancer tests.
  • One of those resorts, Four Seasons Resort Maui in Hawaii, offers a “multi-day treatment package including ozone therapy, stem-cell therapy, and a ‘fountain of youth’ infusion” that costs $44,000, per WSJ.
  • Other (still expensive) retreats focus on emotional, social, and spiritual wellness, including yoga, spa treatments, and educational trips to “Blue Zones” — areas where many people over the age of 100 live.

The tests, procedures, and retreats are part of a booming global wellness tourism industry, which could be worth over $1 trillion this year — a healthy increase from the $439 billion it was worth in 2012.

Do actual doctors recommend these expenditures? Not really, saying that most are unproven and probably just reduce stress and make you feel more energized at best. So, exactly what a normal vacation is supposed to do.

David Vendrell

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