Vintage Gap is so hot right now

Old Gap gets some new love

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The Future. Thanks to a surge in interest in all things 90s and a general cultural fascination with Y2K, Gap has unexpectedly entered the cool kids’ wardrobe once again… but only its vintage pieces. That’s both a blessing and a headache for Gap, which may need to find a way to re-monetize its past and bring back the ethos that made those clothes famous for its current offerings.

Fitting for Y2K
Old Gap is getting some new love, according to Business of Fashion.

  • On eBay, products tagged “Y2K Gap” doubled this year, while those labeled “90s Gap” were up double digits.
  • On Depop, searches for “vintage Gap” were up 114% last month.
  • The most popular items included T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, leather jackets, and anoraks.

Gap, which has suffered lagging sales for years (sales are half of what they were back in the early 2000s) and an overall loss of influence in fashion (lack of cultural identity; a drop in quality), is trying to reclaim its history as a new money-making opportunity.

The brand brought in designer Sean Wotherspoon, founder of the Round Two vintage retailer, to curate a line of vintage Gap apparel… and it sold out fast.

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