Walmart heir funds the future of food

Walmart heir Lukas Walton launches new platform that aims to reshape the future of food.

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Walmart heir funds the future of food


The Future. Walmart heir Lukas Walton is typically a private man. But this fall, he’ll emerge into the public eye with the launch of a new platform that aims to reshape the future of food. With over $300 million ready to invest in startups, the platform, called Builders Vision, will combine philanthropy, direct investment, and advocacy. Walton may just be the modern-day Batman we need to overhaul our broken food system.

Philanthropist anonymous

A billionaire benefactor has emerged from anonymity with an ambitious goal: to revolutionize our food system.

    • Luke Walton, heir to the Walmart empire, has been working behind the scenes for years to create a new platform named Builders Vision.
    • Builders Vision is meant to “be a vehicle for social change on a systemic level” and will fund initiatives focused on food, climate, and communities.
    • S2G Ventures, one of the biggest VC funds in the agri-food tech space, will be incorporated as a part of Builders Vision.

Walton has a personal reason for investing in the future of food. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. A shift to eating healthier food was essential in aiding his recovery, and now Walton wants everyone to have access to a healthy diet.

The agri-food tech revolution
The food-tech space is getting a lot of attention from investors as of late, raising over $17B in 2020. With the pandemic refocusing consumers’ attention on health and wellness, startups across the world are diving in.

But what sets Builders Vision apart is its multifaceted approach. The platform incorporates a venture capital arm (S2G Ventures) which will work closely with its philanthropic arm (Builders Initiative) and an investment arm (Builders Asset Management).

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