Warner Music Group signs AI

Together with

The Future. While virtual musicians have been around for years, Warner Music Group recently signed its first AI-generated act: a CGI model and influencer named Noonoouri. The venture could set the stage for someone like Ghostwriter (the mysterious artist who faced the wrath of WMG after posting a song with deepfaked Drake and The Weeknd) to score a label deal if they worked with an “original” AI voice. Just don’t expect any Grammys.

Generated talent
Noonoouri, a model with IMG who probably has way more IG followers than you, has become “the first-ever strictly digital pop star,” per Hypebeast.

  • To cement the venture, she… it… the team pulling the strings… released a single titled “Dominoes” in collaboration with DJ Alle Farben.
  • The artist’s voice was created using generative AI, with lyrics from Andrew Bullimore, Jenson Vaughan, and Serhat Sakin.

WMG, which has been aggressive in both tamping down on AI-powered copyright infringement and figuring out a model for AI generations to funnel money back to artists, said all the revenue generated from Noonoouri’s work will go to “all creatives, songwriters, singers, and musicians who contributed to the track.”

That sounds like a win.


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