The writers strike hits the socials

Twitter has become the go-to hub for writers strike information.

Together with

The Future. Hollywood writers have expertly co-opted Twitter into its PR machine about the writers strike. The barrage of posts and updates has helped turn the tide in their favor (at least in the court of public opinion) and shine a light on niche, writer-specific issues that have real-world impact. The success may demonstrate that social media is a game-changer in organizing not just trends but bonafide labor movements.

Picket PR
Twitter has become the go-to hub for writers strike information and inspiration.

  • Updates on pickets are posted in real-time, allowing for writers to disseminate information and know which studios or productions need more people.
  • Writers have been continually sharing work abuses, which has helped build solidarity, galvanize other Hollywood unions, and win over outside parties.
  • It’s also been used to showcase what writers do best: create. That includes cutthroat memes of studio heads and satirical accounts of the AMPTP’s lead negotiator.

In the words of Mark Blutman (Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World), “Social media in times like this are our friend and we are overwhelmingly on the side of public opinion, in part, thanks to social media.”

Talk about controlling the narrative.


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