.xyz codes the domain of internet identity

.xyz is turning into the preferred URL ending for crypto holders and web3 enthusiasts.

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.xyz codes the domain of internet identity


The Future. .xyz is turning into the preferred URL ending for crypto holders and web3 enthusiasts, who see potential for the domain, not just as a new face for the internet but also as an identity-building tool on the blockchain. In the future, you may know most people on the internet not by their “@” username but by their .xyz moniker.

Bubble burst
It may be the end of the .com era and the start of the .xyz one.

  • The URL ending, which launched in 2014, has become the de facto choice for the crypto-community and stakeholders in the rise of web3.
  • Part of the reason is that .com domains have become over-saturated, with most domains already taken or otherwise insanely expensive to license.
  • Meanwhile, .xyz is looked at as a fresh start and has no inherent meaning, as opposed to .gov (government), .net (networks), or .org (organizations).

NFT yourself
.xyz isn’t just a cool new URL ending. It’s also evolving into a digital identifier on the blockchain. Daniel Negari, the creator of .xyz, partnered with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to first use .xyz as the domain for an Ethereum wallet address.

The collaboration has since evolved to allow ENS users to create a universal nickname for their crypto address across multiple platforms — almost like a social-platform username. The race to snap up the simplest, cleanest usernames may already be upon us.


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