Hollywood actresses open a book club trend

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The Future. Some of the biggest young actresses in Hollywood are pulling an Oprah and launching book clubs that define their taste, keep them engaged with fans, and act as a sly way to look for roles. While most of these exist on Instagram, the popularity of BookTok could make them migrate over to TikTok and spark the social platform version of the NYT Bestsellers List — the definitive guide of what books culture is paying attention to.

Reading R&D
Hollywood’s obsession with IP has sprouted a lot of bookworms.

  • Dakota Johnson has TeaTime, Emma Roberts has Belletrist, Emma Watson has Our Shared Shelf, Kaia Gerber has Library Science, and Dua Lipa has Service95.
  • Some are little more than a dedicated IG profile featuring recs and interviews, while others are full-on production arms — like Robert’s Belletrist, which adapted books First Kill and Tell Me Lies into shows for Netflix and Hulu, respectively.
  • Of course, the granddaddy of them all is Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, which acts as a film and TV development funnel for the star and was a major asset in selling her company to Candle Media for $900 million.

While not every book club will achieve the reach, influence, and revenue of Hello Sunshine, they do provide a path for these actresses to control their destiny and create their own tailor-made projects.

With so much A-list attention, expect a lot of new authors to go viral.

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