Zigazoo brings Web3 to toddlers

Zigazoo wants to help kids familiarize themselves with social media and NFT trading

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Zigazoo brings Web3 to toddlers


Future. Zigazoo wants to help kids familiarize themselves with social media and NFT trading — consider the platform training wheels for the internet. While signing up a kindergartner for such a platform may seem odd, it may be a much more wholesome alternative than letting a child go from nothing to TikTok.

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Zigazoo thinks your tyke should get in on the NFT action.

  • Zigazoo (part social platform, part NFT marketplace) lets kids (and their parents) try out all the hallmarks of online life while still in kindergarten.
  • NYT describes the social function of the app as being a “junior TikTok,” built around challenges such as singing in a different language or asking kids what shoes they like to wear.
  • Like other platforms, kids can rack up likes and followers, but there’s no comment feature (only pre-loaded positive affirmations), and everything is moderated by human beings.
  • It also features NFT drops from brands and IP like Qai Qai (based on the doll popularized by Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams), Cocomelon, and Paw Patrol.
    • The transactions are recorded on the Flow blockchain.

Zigazoo says its mission is to “empower kids to shape the very landscape and infrastructure of NFTs and Web3,” and to help them “express themselves through art and practice essential financial literacy skills” While those are worthy goals, it’s debatable whether young kids are developed enough to be exposed to both social platforms and any financial tools to begin with — pros and cons abound.

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