Film and TV podcasts try to recreate the watercooler

The new watercooler may be your podcast library.

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The Future. Thanks to official podcasts from TV studios and a bevy of independent podcasts, the conversation around hit shows has migrated from a conversation you have with others to a conversation you listen to. With streamers giving few shows packaged behind-the-scenes content, the companion podcast may be the new form of DVD extra features.

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The new watercooler may be your podcast library.

  • Every hit show from Succession to RuPaul’s Drag Race now has an accompanying podcast (or seven) that recaps, discusses, and analyzes each episode… and they’re big hits.
  • That includes a mix of official podcasts from studios like HBO and Netflix, branded shows from legit publishers like Vanity Fair and The Ringer, and fan-made productions.
  • Even older shows are now the subject of his podcasts, especially with former cast members joining, not just as special guests, but sometimes even hosting them as well (i.e., Office Ladies, hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey).

As streaming transforms TV watching from a universally-scheduled activity to an individually-scheduled one, the companion podcast may allow people to jump into a watercooler conversation whenever it suits them best.


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