An anime and manga boom is a boon for Japan

Both the US and Japan can’t get enough of anime and manga.

The Future. Anime and manga are growing in popularity at home in Japan and abroad, especially in the US. At the current rate of sales growth, the distinctively Japanese art form may not just win over mainstream audiences but become the next investment trend for global streaming services.

Manga migration
Both the US and Japan can’t get enough of anime and manga.

  • The All Japan Magazine and Book Publishers’ and Editors’ Association (AJPEA) found that overall manga and anime sales increased by 2% last year — to $5.05 billion.
  • And while print manga sales have stayed flat, digital manga sales have jumped 8.9%.
  • In the US, manga sales skyrocketed 171% between 2020 and 2021.
  • And with Sony’s Crunchyroll growing exponentially in the US, the anime market is on the up.

These benchmarks have motivated the Japan Business Federation, called Keidanren, to send a proposal to the Japanese government to set up an anime promotion. The org would promote Japanese entertainment — especially manga and anime — across the globe to spur even more economic growth.

The hope is to quadruple overseas revenue in the next ten years. Seems like an attainable goal at this rate.