Chatbots come for the classroom

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The Future. Several new education-focused chatbots are hoping to become go-to tools for students looking for a more personalized study buddy. While AI still wrestles with significant issues, school-approved bots could one day leverage voice and facial recognition to pinpoint when a student is struggling with assignments and tailor tutoring to fill the gaps in knowledge.

Class is in code
If Silicon Valley has its way, AI chatbots are about to be given their teaching certification.

  • Online learning platform Khan Academy rolled out its “Khanmigo” chatbot, which helps students think through math problems.
  • Duolingo introduced a ChatGPT-powered feature called Roleplay that allows users to simulate real-world conversations.
  • Sizzle AI, started by former Meta AI VP Jerome Pesenti, uses a chatbot to generate multiple-choice math and science questions.
  • Ethiqly, co-founded by former Snap Chief Strategy Officer Jared Grusd, helps students organize and structure essays and then receive feedback.

The idea of AI teaching tutors is still in the early stages, but the concept has gotten a sign-off from The White House, which included resources on how to implement chatbots in the classroom as part of its big AI executive order. Additionally, the American Federation of Teachers is already working on developing guardrails to protect human teachers.

For society at large, this education innovation will require all of us to learn something new.

David Vendrell

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