The White House may tie up ChatGPT in some regulations

The Future. The Biden administration is seeking out more information on AI to determine how it should potentially be regulated. With AI’s hypothetical ability to carry out crimes, spread misinformation, and create fake media, the technology may require government intervention before it’s able to remake society faster than we can prepare for.

Watch your words
The White House has a few questions for chatbots.

  • The Commerce Department is formally asking for public comment on what “accountability measures” should be put in place for new AI systems.
  • One of the questions is whether AI should go through a certification process before they are released — no different from food or cars.
  • The comments will be accepted over the next 60 days, with answers being used to put together policy recommendations for the president.

The Commerce Department’s search into AI joins the Justice Department’s, the Federal Trade Commission’s, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s own looks into the exploding tech. The EU and China are doing the same.

With ChatGPT reaching 100 million users faster than any previous consumer app (per WSJ), everyone’s understandably worried about its scope and power.