Tech workers program a post-layoff career

Laid-off tech workers are finding a second act in the 2nd tier.

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The Future. After suffering through layoffs, rescinded offers, and applying for jobs that suddenly no longer existed, tech workers are choosing companies that provide more stability than street cred. With so much talent out the door, don’t be surprised if some veterans of Meta or Google create their new competition… or new acquisition targets.

New work, more roles
With Big Tech firms like Meta, Google, and Amazon tightening their belts, laid-off workers are finding a second act in the 2nd tier.

  • Recruiters say that workers are gravitating to smaller firms in areas like cybersecurity, software development, hospitality, and logistics.
  • They’re also taking pay cuts to work at startups in fields they’re more passionate about, including AI and green energy.
  • And some are just leaving tech behind, bringing their skills to companies like Heinz and Walmart — the biggest migration of tech workers to non-tech industries in years.

But others aren’t even bothering to look for a full-time job in this atmosphere, instead turning to consulting, advising, and “fractional executive positions.” We guess there’s no better job security than having multiple jobs.


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