Amazon picks up podcasting for ad revenue

Amazon invests in podcasts for built-in ad revenue.

Amazon picks up podcasting for ad revenue


The Future. Amazon’s betting big on podcasting — not because of subscription revenue or merchandising, but because of built-in ad revenue, which is expected to blow up in the coming year. As listenership continues to rise at record rates, podcasting may be Amazon’s ticket to competing with Facebook and Google for a bigger piece of the digital ad market… while putting more money in the hands of creators.

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Similar to how Prime Video boosts household item sales, Amazon is diving into the podcast business to make money elsewhere: advertising.

  • Earlier this summer, Amazon spent $20 million to acquire the hit podcast SmartLess (hosted by Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes) for a one-week exclusive run on new episodes before other platforms can distribute them.
  • While $20 million seems like a lot for a one-week exclusive, Amazon had its eyes on the advertising revenue — Smartless brings in $6-7 million a year.
  • The e-giant also recently acquired the podcast network Wondery for $300 million. Wondery oversees one of the largest ad networks in podcasting, representing over 100 shows.

Unlike typical TV or digital content, podcasts usually come pre-loaded with ads when distributed. That gives a company like Amazon a head-start in collecting ad revenue when they acquire a show or podcast network.

Ads add up
Amazon controls roughly 10% of digital advertising in the U.S., but is still playing catch up with Facebook and Google. Currently, ad revenue falls under Amazon’s “other businesses” funnel, which generated $7 billion last quarter, but that number is set to explode thanks to audio content.

Head of Amazon Music Steve Bloom laid out the company’s strategy succinctly, noting that “to become a player in the audio advertising market for podcasting, [Amazon needs] to be an intellectual property owner. The market for audio ads is growing quickly. Consumer behaviors are evolving, and this is a global opportunity.”

Amazon has reason to be hopeful — the Interactive Advertising Bureau projects that podcasting ad revenue will pass $1 billion this year and will potentially double by next year.