Amazon may deliver live audio

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Amazon may deliver live audio


The Future. Amazon is reportedly creating a live-audio platform that will mostly focus on streaming live concerts, talk-radio shows, or podcast recordings. Call it next-generation radio. But with YouTube Live providing a similar experience (but with, you know, video) Amazon may need to attract potential users with marquee, exclusive talent or content.

Brown box performances
Is Amazon planning to raise the curtain on Prime Listening?

  • Axios reports that the e-giant’s Music division is prepping a move into the live-audio space, putting it in competition with Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Discord, and Spotify’s Greenroom.
  • The plan for the feature is to pay podcast hosts, musicians, and celebrities to host live conversations, events, and shows, accessible through their Amazon Music accounts.
  • The main focus, surprisingly, is live music, but the company also plans to push for live podcasts and talk-radio programs
  • The feature will also be compatible with Amazon-owned Twitch.

With radio as we know it going the way of the dinosaur, it looks like Amazon wants to take up the mantle.

Sources told Axios that rather than build a social-audio platform, Amazon is trying to carve out a niche as the SiriusXM of the internet — a place where live events can be broadcast as audio-only content.


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