Amazon may dial up a mobile service for Prime members

Your cell service could be covered by Amazon.

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The Future. Soon, even your cell service could be covered by Amazon, with the company in talks with several major carriers to offer their coverage through Prime. While it’s possible that the deals could never go through, the offering could possibly price the carriers out of their own direct product… and they may allow it just to recoup the costs of those newly-expanded, pricey 5G networks they built. 

Prime Phone
Soon, even your cell service could be covered by Prime.

  • Amazon is reportedly in discussions with Verizon, T-Mobile, DISH, and AT&T (on and off)  on reselling wireless plans through Amazon Prime.
  • The deal is still in the discussion phase, but it would offer Prime members cell service for a low price or even for free as part of typical Prime benefits.
  • Everyone denies the deals are happening, but that didn’t stop the major carriers from taking a hit to their stock (DISH’s were up, though).

Why the stock drop? If Amazon gets into the mobile-service resale business, it could undercut the major carriers by offering a price so low that it’ll be a no-brainer for everyone to cancel their current plans and just have it through Prime.

And for Amazon, Prime subscription growth has flatlined after the company raised the price from $119/year to $139/year. Offering cell service would likely boost that.

David Vendrell

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