Anyplace wants to give digital nomads a home base

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The Future. As office vacancies continue to occur at record highs, Anyplace is positioning itself as the Airbnb for the work-from-anywhere crowd (sure to make Airbnb annoyed when it comes to its NYC operations). If the company has long-term success, it may become the successor to the constantly-struggling shared-workspace WeWork model… showing that paying for a space you can live and work in may make more sense for people.

Moveable roof
Anyplace allows remote workers to book furnished apartments for over 30 days that are outfitted with “fully equipped” offices with high-speed internet.

  • The apartments aren’t located in far-flung locales but in the heart of industry centers like NYC, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. (Anyplace manages over 100 units in each of those cities, with an occupancy rate of over 80%.)
  • That means they’re marketed more towards the tech and knowledge workers who bounce between cities (and may want something cozier than the now-illegal $700/month sleeping pods).
  • The rooms will eventually include a local concierge service and be stocked with products from local businesses.

Armed with a fresh $8+ million in funding (in a round led by LAUNCH Fund), Anyplace hopes to expand to cities that became tech-migration meccas during COVID, including Miami and Austin.

Although return-to-office mandates are picking up, CEO Steve Saturo Naito says there’ll always be plenty of digital nomads to fill units.


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