Apple hits the brakes on its car ambitions

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The Future. Apple is rerouting its car plans to something that feels, well, attainable. It shows how difficult and expensive it is to launch a new consumer vehicle, especially with the expectations that come from being an Apple product. If Apple wants to find success faster, it may need to take a page out of its rivals’ playbook and find a startup that it can invest in and use as a foundation for its cutting-edge tech.

Easier road
After several starts and stops, Apple is changing direction with its long-in-development car.

  • The EV would have “a less ambitious design” and more “limited features” than initially envisioned, reports Bloomberg.
  • It won’t be available until 2028 at the earliest — two years later than expected.
  • It’ll start with a Level 2+ autonomous driving system (the same as Tesla) instead of Level 4 (which means it could drive almost anywhere without human intervention).
  • In the future, Apple would release software updates that would bring the Apple auto to full Level 4 capability (it’s already speaking with some manufacturers in Europe).

Apple is clearly feeling the pressure to catch up with competitors like Amazon (which invested in Rivian), Alphabet (which invested in Waymo), and Chinese megacorps like Huawei and Xiaomi. Given the iPhone’s plateauing sales, Apple may be looking at vehicles (or spatial computing) as its next big device evolution.

Modern cars are essentially smartphones on wheels.

David Vendrell

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