Bert Kreischer has big plans for Berty Boy Productions

The Kreischers have been building a business flywheel of fun.

Together with

The Future. Bert Kreischer and his wife, LeeAnn, are quietly crafting a DIY comedy empire. And since they own and control almost all of the content created, the Kreischer’s — along with Kevin Hart — may be proving that the next big act in comedy is turning your image into an all-entertainment brand.

Through Berty Boy Productions, the Kreischers have been busy building a “business flywheel of fun,” according to Fast Company.

  • Bert, a staple on the comedy tour circuit for decades, has a slate of Netflix specials, podcasts, a cooking show on YouTube, and a comedy festival tour.
  • All those projects feed into each other, such as Kreischer using podcast audience data to determine where to stop on his tour — that has led to big turnouts in places like North Dakota and Mississippi.
  • Bert is also a relentless marketer on social media (think Ryan Reynolds, but with bigger pants) who has struck brand deals with Liquid Death, Freewaters sandals, Olipop, Manscaped, and Pop-Tarts.

And with this weekend’s release of his first starring movie role, Sony’s The Machine (which is based on his infamous stand-up bit), the Kreischer’s seem to be just getting started.


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