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GOAT carves out Spaces in the metaverse

GOAT metaverse // Courtesy of GOAT

GOAT carves out Spaces in the metaverse

The Future. GOAT is taking shopping closer to the metaverse with its Black Friday opening of “Spaces” — an immersive world for users to show off their product wish lists. While still (charmingly) rudimentary, GOAT could build out this feature to create user-specific digital closets that house products for avatars, with the hope that users will buy them IRL one day.

Community curation
On Black Friday, digital resale market GOAT helped users put their tastes front and center.

  • GOAT launched “Spaces” — immersive, digital “mood board-like worlds.”
  • There are three different themes to choose from: Convenience Store, Outlandish Garden, and Gothic Cathedral.
  • Users are able to fill the spaces with their wish list of items — like a more interactive Pinterest board — that other users can then explore.

GOAT saw the boards as a way to both build community and create longtime users. Most people aren’t going to buy a thousand-dollar pair of sneakers right away, but putting it on the board gives them a reason to come back and aspire to buy them.