CALA fits AI to turn everyone into a fashion label

CALA has put the entire fashion supply chain on one platform.

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The Future. Using AI and machine learning, software company CALA has put the entire fashion supply chain on one platform, giving anyone the infrastructure to become a one-person fashion house. While the new AI-generated design tools could incentivize some brands to jettison junior designers, it could also allow those junior designers to finally launch their own lines (similar to Angelina Jolie’s Atelier). Either way, prepare for some disruption in fashion.

Garment generation
If you have a clothing design idea, CALA can make it a reality from your living room.

  • Using DALL-E, CALA allows users to generate clothing using uploaded images as inspiration or text prompts.
  • Once a design has been decided, CALA connects you to one of the 20 factories (in ten different countries) with which it has a relationship.
  • A pricing algorithm then calculates how much it would cost to manufacture a line, considering inputs like the amount of product, the material, and sustainability factors.
  • The finished clothes are then sent to you, including photos to upload to an e-commerce site. CALA can even spin out a Shopify store and brand profiles on socials.

According to Fast Company, over 40 brands and independent designers already use CALA, — a roster that includes several NBA teams in collaboration with the designer KidSuper.

For the services, CALA charges $100/month and takes 15% of the manufacturing cost. Looks like fast fashion is now available to everyone with an idea.

David Vendrell

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