Private autograph signings become a multi-million dollar business

Celebrity autographs have become a hot commodity.

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Private autograph signings become a multi-million dollar business


Future. Hollywood stars are turning to private autograph signings to make a lot of money very fast, without the hassle of actually interacting with fans pining for the  signature. And with collectibles going the NFT route, expect autographs to go digital for authentication on the blockchain. In a decade, the rarest John Hancock of them all may be the one you get face-to-face.

Benjamins for Hancocks
Celebrity autographs have become a hot commodity.

  • Because the pandemic canceled most in-person events, private autograph signings have skyrocketed among the Hollywood A-list.
  • Organized by companies like Ace Universe, SWAU, and Celebrity Authentics, celebrities book out a few hours or even days to hole up at a place of their choosing and sign memorabilia mailed in by fans… with no interaction between star and fans.
  • Reportedly, some top stars are making millions for just a few days of work by combining the flat fee paid by the autograph company and charging a per-signature price for fans.

Brittany McManus, marketing manager for CGC Comics, said that she expects to oversee 120 signings this year alone.

Crypto penmanship
While the idea of private signings isn’t necessarily breaking new ground, the fact that stars like Robert Downey Jr., Margot Robbie, and Chris Pratt are doing it is new. Charging top dollar for an autograph is no longer looked down upon but is instead viewed as a shrewd business decision… especially if you’ve appeared in a Marvel or DC property.

Additionally, there’s a vibe shift occurring in culture at large — memorabilia is back, and collecting is all the rage. It’s also getting a digital makeover with NFTs becoming a key way for creators and artists to introduce brand scarcity on a mass scale. What does that mean for autographs? You may soon be trading a Chris Hemsworth signature as an asset.

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