The NFL may kickoff a streaming service

The NFL is in the early stages of developing its own streaming service.

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Future. The NFL is in the early stages of developing its own streaming service. If it actually launches (something that’s still up in the air), the streamer may become — not just a hub for all football-related content—  but also a community club and NFT marketplace… opening up several new revenue streams per viewer.

Game home
Why give your games to Hulu or Amazon Prime when you can keep them all for yourself?

  • According to The Athletic, the NFL is developing its own streaming service.
  • Other than games, the service would also include “games, radio, podcasts and team content.”
  • It’s being positioned as a great choice for football fans who don’t have a cable subscription (or any of the major streamers, we’re assuming) and want to watch games on their mobile devices.
  • But it’s not a done deal yet — the team owners will most likely have to vote on whether to move forward with the service during a meeting in May.

According to Engadget, Verizon had exclusive rights to mobile content from the NFL up until 2018. With that deal now expired, the NFL could leverage a better deal from Verizon or another mobile company with the inclusion of NFL+ or whatever it ends up calling it.

The NFL knows that true fans will happily switch carriers to keep accessing that content.

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