Rocks flight climate change

We may be entering a new year, but the consequences of climate change are only becoming more urgent.

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Rocks flight climate change


The Future. We may be entering a new year, but the consequences of climate change are only becoming more urgent. Global temperatures are rising, ice sheets are shrinking, and extreme weather events are growing increasingly frequent. In the fight against global warming, companies in the carbon removal industry could become more important than ever.

Carbon dioxide, meet Medusa
Cella wants to fight climate change by turning CO2 to stone.

  • The startup takes captured CO2 and injects it more than 1,300 feet underground into volcanic rocks, where it will harden into stone.
  • The process has already been proven to work in Iceland, where direct air capture startup Climeworks pulls CO2 from the atmosphere and pumps it underground.
  • This approach speeds up a natural process: when CO2 in water hits certain types of rocks (like volcanic rock basalt), a chemical reaction binds the CO2 to calcium and magnesium, effectively removing the greenhouse gas from the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Now, Cella is looking to kickstart a carbon removal industry in northern Kenya, whose rocky volcanic landscape is filled with basalt and has abundant clean energy.


Why is dealing with carbon dioxide important in the fight against climate change? CO2 and other greenhouse gasses trap heat in the atmosphere, warming the Earth like a greenhouse. Companies like Cella and Climeworks and projects like Project Bison are working to combat these effects by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in, for example, rocks.

And it’s a rapidly growing industry. The carbon capture, removal, and sequestration market is projected to clear $7 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 19.5%.

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