Custom sneakers are the future fit

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The Future. Most shoes made by name brands are a one-size-fits-all approach… but the baseline size of those shoes differs from company to company, making finding a good fit something of a scavenger hunt. However, a few new startups are trying their hand at customizing shoes for consumers. If coupled with the ability to pick out styles, colorways, and other personalized designs, sneakerheads may soon be able to craft the shoe that looks and feels like their dreams.

One size fits none
If your shoes don’t fit right, there’s a shelf full of startups that can upgrade your footwear game, unboxes WSJ.

  • Speedland has three different models with two dials along the shoe, allowing wearers to tighten other parts to achieve a more snug fit.
  • Hilma asks customers a series of questions before they purchase their shoes, so the company can predict which one of its models will fit them best.
  • Iambic not only asks customers for their fit preferences but also prompts them to scan their feet using the company’s smartphone app. From there, Iambic crafts the perfect shoe.

Building a better fit is simply better business. According to tech company Narvar, footwear and apparel represent 62.5% of all product returns, with “fit and size” problems being the main culprit.

As the practice becomes more cost-effective, podiatrists may start having fewer patients in the coming years.


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