Sustainable fashion tries on digital clothes

People are starting to invest less in their closets and more in digital clothes.

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Sustainable fashion tries on digital clothes


The Future. People are starting to invest less in their closets and more in digital clothes. This new fashion trend uses AR technology, allowing people to virtually “try on” and wear styles that they can show off on social media. It is more affordable, more sustainable, and allows people to flaunt a more adventurous sense of style.

A major fashion emergency

Increasingly, fashion’s sustainability crisis has made headlines. Startling statistics underscore the waste that the industry produces.

  • We produce almost twice the amount of clothing today compared to 20+ years ago.
  • 20% of global wastewater is produced by the fashion industry. To break that down further, the production of one pair of jeans and a t-shirt requires 5,000 gallons of water.
  • 4 million tons of textiles go to waste annually, while 10% of global carbon emissions come from the fashion production cycle.

Now, digital fashion can help unearth solutions. By allowing consumers to change up their wardrobes frequently without any physical production, digital fashion is a major win for the industry.

Digital fashion dreams 
Emerging designers can also benefit from the digital fashion movement. They can kick start their career in the digital space without the physical production costs that keep many from turning their dreams into reality. Not to mention, with people switching up their styles more frequently, new designers are more likely to be noticed and digitally “worn.”


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