Platforms help hitmakers make more hits

Youtube, TikTok, and Snapchat now have coaches to offer advice and guidance for creators.

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Platforms help hitmakers make more hits


The Future. Youtube, TikTok, and Snapchat now have coaches to offer advice and guidance for creators. For platforms, more viewers mean more ad revenue, which means they have a vested interest in helping their creators succeed. Most importantly, they don’t need to take a cut of their creators’ income. Will these in-house teams render traditional talent agencies obsolete?

Virality counseling

Social media platforms are hiring behind-the-scenes teams to support their biggest hitmakers.

  • YouTube has over 1,000 employers across 45 countries specifically hired to coach talent, advising over 12,000 creators.
  • TikTok has dozens of strategists deployed to help significant contributors see success.
  • Instagram has a team of over 40 people tasked with finding and coaching emerging talent

Talent agency 2.0
These social media talent coaches mirror what talent agencies in Hollywood have been doing for years. Since the dawn of Tinseltown, agents and scouts have sought out and trained potential talent — with the ultimate goal of transforming them into A-listers.

But there is one notable difference: these platforms’ in-house consultants don’t take a cut of income or demand appearances on channels or posts. When traditional talent agencies almost always demand these things… it’s easy to see why creators are turning to alternatives.

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