Disney wishes upon a star that the Vision Pro finds an audience

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The Future. When it comes to apps on the Vision Pro, Disney wants its streamer to be the conversation piece right out of the gate, taking a much different approach to competitors like Netflix and YouTube. If Disney is able to conjure a new kind of magic on the headset, it may be the “killer app” for families that makes the Vision Pro the next iteration of the home computer.

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Disney’s been plotting its programming for the Vision Pro for “a few years,” said Jamie Voris, CTO of The Walt Disney Studios.

  • Disney+ in VisionOS has a “true spatial interface,” allowing users to toggle buttons seemingly floating in air, per Fast Company.
  • It has a dedicated menu for 40 movies that are available to watch in 3D. Also, when you watch any movie, the lights around the screen dim as if you were in a theater.
  • It has four 3D immersive virtual environments, including the Scare Floor from Monsters, Inc. and the Manhattan headquarters from The Avengers.

These first offerings are just the beginning for Disney. The studio is also working on a Vision Pro version of Marvel’s What If…? series, which will be “the first real mixed-reality, emotional, immersive story that people have ever experienced.”

It looks like the Mouse House isn’t viewing the Vision Pro as just another screen but potentially as a new way to tell stories… and a massive new revenue stream.

David Vendrell

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