Apple enters the Vision Pro era

Apple finally unveiled its long-awaited Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

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The Future. At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple finally unveiled its long-awaited Vision Pro mixed reality headset — its first major new product in a decade (and Tim Cook’s hopeful magnum opus). Available early next year with a lofty price of $3,499, the Vision Pro may be the best chance to mainstream AR/VR adoption.

Ready Player Apple
With the Vision Pro, Apple is trying to mainstream the metaverse.

  • The AR/VR headset uses hands, eyes, and voice to control digital content in physical spaces — no controllers necessary.
  • It can project a large 4K movie and gaming screen, record or play 3D video, and act as a desktop screen (with a keyboard and mouse connectable via Bluetooth).
  • To try to keep users not-so isolated when using the Vision Pro in AR mode, the headset displays users’ eyes on the outside of the screen — a feature called “Eye Sight.”
  • It will also show people who come near them while wearing the headset. 

While the device will support basically all of Apple’s suite of apps and hundreds of thousands of apps currently available on the App Store, the company has signaled that it hopes 3rd party developers will pick up the baton and make new apps that truly unlock the potential of the Vision Pro… and boost the soft first-year sales projection of only 900,000 units.

We’ll see if that dream becomes reality.


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