Elon Musk reboots his X dreams

Twitter officially rebrands as X

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The Future. With Twitter’s latest rebranding move, Elon Musk hopes to transform the platform into a super app that’s much more than a text-based social platform and fulfill a lifelong ambition to run a payments company called “X.” The problem is super apps, while popular in China, may not be appealing in the US… and may make Twitter execs desperate to find an X on a treasure map to solve their ongoing financial problems.

Bye bye birdie
Musk just can’t let his X dreams go.

  • Twitter is already stripping the nest of all things blue bird, including the logo, the HQ sign, and even the name of tweets. But the endeavor is still half-finished.
  • This shouldn’t be a surprise, though, as Musk has a longstanding obsession with X, starting with his first company that became PayPal (he also wanted to rename that company X before getting the boot).
  • And since then, he has included X in the names of all his companies… and even one of his children.
  • With X, Musk hopes to transition the app-formerly-known-as-Twitter into a super app that covers everything from banking to payments to video.

But there’s one problem. According to THR’s Alex Weprin in a tweet… er… x (we’ll get a handle on this), “It appears Instagram and FB owner Meta holds the trademark for ‘X’ as it relates to ‘online social networking services… social networking services in the fields of entertainment, gaming, and application development…’”

That’s some next-level trolling from Musk’s arch nemesis.

David Vendrell

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