Hollywood strikes could rearrange the creator economy

The creator economy gets reshuffled

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The Future. Similar to how the 2008 writers strike fueled the rise of reality TV, the current double strike may spark a surge in the creator economy’s influence. But digital creators may be in solidarity with striking writers and actors more than studios expect, which could develop further crossover between the two creator classes. When the strikes inevitably end, the potential work done today on social media could be the basis of tomorrow’s premium movies and TV shows.

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Some think as the strikes rage on, studios will turn to digital creators for new content, as they’re seemingly the only people they can still work with.

Meanwhile, analysts believe the strike will actually inspire more professional writers and actors to give the creator economy a try, as Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel did during the pandemic with their Twitch channel, “FriendZone,” which garnered millions of viewers and scored a sponsorship deal with Hyundai. 

As the work stoppage dwindles savings accounts, the opportunities presented by TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram may be too hard to pass up… or Hollywood professionals may just find they’re the best places to grow followings for independent projects or show a different side of their creativity.


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