Elon Musk generates an OpenAI competitor

Elon Musk is founding another company with X in the name.

Together with

The Future. Elon Musk is founding another company with X in the name — this time focused on AI. While Musk was part of the contingent of tech leaders that called for a six-month moratorium on AI development to determine the risks, Musk himself has been… well… more mixed on his messaging. While he may have big ideas for AI, the company, X.AI, may need to lend something entirely new to the ecosystem to catch up with competitors.

Into the AI sandbox
Cars, spaceships, tunnels, social media… and now, AI.

  • Elon Musk’s X.AI has been incorporated in Nevada (likely for better corporate privacy) and is offering 100 million shares in the private company to investors.
  • Musk is the only listed director, and he’s hired former DeepMind scientist Igor Babuschkin to lead the creation of the AI offering.

Another X
While Musk did sign that AI pause letter, he’s also shown a strong interest in the tech. He lost a battle for control of OpenAI to Sam Altman in 2018, criticized the company’s AI for being politically biased, and now seems to be launching his own firm to potentially provide an alternative to that bias.

And for those keeping track, other than X.AI, Musk has also changed Twitter’s company name to X, founded the holding company X Holdings Corp, wants to launch an everything app called X, and, according to WSJ, refers to one of his kids as X. 

We wonder what his favorite letter is…


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