Everyone wants in on India

Business is booming in India.

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The Future. Business is booming in India, and multinational companies see way more room for growth. As the top brands from all around the world make their mark in the country, India may soon become the center of international economic influence.

Growing influence
India is fast becoming the core focus of all sorts of corporate growth.

  • After generating a record $6 billion in revenue in India, Apple is moving more manufacturing there and opened its first store in Mumbai.
  • Boeing is supplying Air India with 220 new planes.
  • Dior hosted its first official runway show in the country.
  • Paris department store brand Galeries Lafayette is launching its first location there in 2024.

Money in Mumbai
In recent years, India has been on the up and up.

  • Strained political tensions and supply chain snafus with China have made India more desirable to Western interests.
  • This year, India passed China to become the most populated country in the world.
  • India’s richest class is growing faster than any other country while wages across the board are increasing.

Sounds like a recipe for a lot of companies to make a lot of money.


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