The remote work rebellion

As the pandemic wanes, tech companies are struggling to get people back in the office.

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The remote work rebellion


The Future. As the pandemic wanes, tech companies are struggling to get people back in the office. More and more workers have embraced the newfound freedoms that WFH offers and have been reluctant to give them up… at least not without a fight. For now, employees seem to have the power — especially given the healthy job market and a growing wave of companies embracing remote work.

The Great Rebellion
Tech workers are mutinying against return-to-office.

  • A survey from the ADP research institute found that over 66% of workers would find a new job if they were required to return to the office full-time.
  • The Pew Research Center says 35% of workers who quit their jobs in 2021 cited wanting to move to a different area.

WFH or bust

Across the tech world, employees are coming together to push back against the demand for office returns. Recently, over 1,400 Apple employees signed an open letter asking company executives to rethink their in-person work ultimatums. “Stop treating us like school kids who need to be told when to be where and what homework to do,” the letter read.

Meanwhile, competitors are jumping at the opportunity to boast about their remote work perks and steal employees from their current roles. Airbnb announced this year that employees could work from anywhere without a pay cut, while Twitter and Zillow have embraced fully-remote policies.


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