Fortnite’s Rock Band revival could transform metaverse concerts

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The Future. Two years after Epic Games acquired game developer Harmonix, music video game Rock Band is regrouping in Fortnite as a new mode called Fortnite Festival. It won’t just bring back the classic game to a new generation of fans with a global social-playing aspect, but it may also help build the underlying technology for musicians to play real instruments during in-game concerts.

Plug-in play
Rock Band is getting back together with the launch of Fortnite Festival.

  • Fortnite Festival lets users play the game in two ways — the classic notes-on-a-treadmill main stage format and a “jam” format that allows up to four players to mix and match instrument parts from different songs.
  • The jam format is a unique invention of Fortnite, letting players adjust tempos and scales to create original remixes or opt into Battle Royale mode to start bands with other users.
  • Like the regular game, Fortnite Festival will operate in “seasons” headlined by talent — the first season’s headlining act is The Weeknd.
  • There’s also a marketplace called “Festival Pass,” where users can unlock songs, skins, and other accessories.

The game has cross-console compatibility, meaning players using an Xbox controller can play with someone using mobile — the trademark instrument controllers are coming soon, says Epic.

To which we respond, “Epic.”

David Vendrell

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