Say hello to The Lighthouse, a new creator campus

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The Future. Whalar, a creator and talent management company, is launching The Lighthouse — a physical campus for creators to learn, make, and collaborate with their peers. If the project proves successful, it could pave the way for an entirely new and revolutionary form of education and collaboration for creators.

TikTok University
The creator economy is getting its own Ivy League. 

  • The Lighthouse will open in spring/summer 2024 in two locations: Venice, CA, and Brooklyn, NY, with a third location in London slated for 2025.
  • All campuses will be outfitted with lecture halls meant for classes covering a range of topics, including maximizing ecommerce strategy, using AI, and navigating taxes and legal as a creator.
  • The locations will also have private offices, along with A/V production spaces to edit and create content.

Creator college
All of this comes on the heels of a creator economy projected to hit $480 billion in just four more years. Whalar hopes to address a key growing pain in this industry, as creators face a steep learning curve once they get in the game.

The Lighthouse hopes to present a more formalized approach for developing the craft and business acumen of being a creator. Just like college, students will need to apply for the four-year program, and it will cost around $5,750 a year.

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