Fanvue is making an OnlyFans for AI models

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The Future. OnlyFans has found a new rival in Fanvue, a subscription platform tailored to adult content featuring AI personalities. While the technology is popular and profitable, widespread adoption could have serious consequences for our well-being… and the prevalence of damaging deepfake technology.

Talk d1rty to me
For better or for worse, Fanvue is providing something that people want.

  • Fanvue hosts AI models like Emily Pellegrini, Sika Moon, and Sarah Jordan, whose accounts post photo and video content.
  • These accounts are profitable. Pellegrini made $9,600 in the past six weeks for her creator, and with image generators like Unstable Diffusion creating over half a million AI model images daily, production costs are tiny.
  • Fanvue is also developing a message generator and audio tool trained on models’ data to mimic them in real-time to subscribers.
  • OnlyFans allows AI-generated or modified content to be posted to its platform, but only by a verified OnlyFans content creator.

Apex predators
Fanvue’s founder believes AI models give creators the freedom to embody avatars that look nothing like them. However, the proliferation of these unattainable female bodies will only reinforce impossible standards while taking income away from real people.

AI model creators agree that regulations should prohibit the creation of child pornography and deepfakes. But maybe it’s better to leave some cans of worms closed entirely.

Luke Perrotta


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