Unilever capitalizes on the viral #CleanTok trend

Together with

The Future. During the pandemic, Gen Zers engaged with cleaning in a way they hadn’t done before, giving rise to #CleanTok (currently the largest community on TikTok). Now, TikTok and Unilever are partnering on two campaigns — the #CleanTok Awards that honors creators and an animated video series that reimagines Unilever products as soap opera characters — geared towards the #CleanTok community. If successful, these campaigns might encourage other brands to tap into niche TikTok communities to connect with Gen Z consumers.

Partners in grime
TikTok and Unilever entered into an ongoing global partnership in June that will run through January 2024, with Unilever becoming the exclusive sponsor of the #CleanTok hashtag across Europe, Asia, and South America, reports AdAge.

  • The #CleanTok hashtag has increased by over 35 billion views since the two companies announced their partnership five months ago.
  • Sales of Unilever’s Cif Cream Cleaner among UK consumers jumped by 38% after the product was used to clean white sneakers in a viral #CleanTok trend.

When in doubt, clean it out
Unilever and TikTok are also holding a “Spotless Creator” competition, where one TikTok user with the “most creative cleaning transformation” will win $4,888 in cash.

That could shake out to be a tight race, as even the subgenres of #CleanTok are wildly popular on their own. The hashtag #SundayReset, for instance, which shows “cleanfluencers” eliminating the messes that accumulated in their homes, has amassed more than 4 billion views.

Scrub-a-dub-dub, cleaning is what TikTok users love.


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