Forward Health rolls out vitals vending machines

AI sets its code on healthcare

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The Future. Forward Health’s new CarePods are, according to co-founder and CEO Adrian Aoun (former head of special projects at Google), like “walking into a giant iPad” that can do everything from routine check-ups to heart health monitoring. The goal is to both scale medical access and make health monitoring more routine. At $99/month and without an insurance requirement, CarePods could become the go-to way for freelance workers to finally schedule that physical.

Slip in and check up
CarePods are all-in-one mobile health booths that use body scanners and smart sensors to do things like draw blood, swab throats, and conduct organ health screenings.

  • They’re staffed with an attendant to answer questions, but screening results are reviewed in real-time by a doctor, who can prescribe medication or recommend next steps via a mobile app.
  • Speaking of results, CarePods are powered by a proprietary AI system that’s “trained to find the latest research papers and extract the clinical protocol,” per TechCrunch.
  • And when it comes to broader human oversight, the company employs 100 primary care physicians and has a five-doctor medical board. 

Bolstered by nearly $700 million in funding, Forward Health is rolling out 25 CarePods next year in locations like the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York. The firm hopes to get up to 3,200 new units annually, across places like gyms, offices, and malls.

Soon, getting a check-up will be as simple as picking up dry-cleaning.

David Vendrell

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