Neuralink is a go for brain-implant human trials

Neuralink has received FDA approval.

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The Future. Elon Musk’s brain-interface startup Neuralink has received FDA approval to start human trials, giving the company the go-ahead to implant microchips into actual human brains. While applications to join the clinical trial haven’t opened yet, it may be difficult to find willing participants on the heels of a published leak from Germany’s Handelsblatt thatfound that Tesla has buried thousands of safety complaints over its Autopilot feature.

Musk has the green light to put chips in your brain.

  • The microchips, which Neuralink says could help people with paralysis regain movement, bring sight back to the blind, or enhance “able-bodied human performance,” have been approved by the FDA to start human trials.
  • That surprisingly comes right on Musk’s schedule — last November, he said the company was six months away from getting the go-ahead (after getting denied approval in the past).
  • They’ve been tested on monkeys which led to some learning how to play video games, yet other animal testing resulted in what some employees alleged caused needless suffering and deaths.

While Neuralink will certainly get the most press for the milestone, the company may face competition from Synchron, which has already released results from its first human trials conducted in Australia.


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