Gen Z wants to work smarter not harder

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The Future. Gen Z believes the current hallmarks of work life are antiquities of the mid-20th century. So, they’re pushing for more pay, more flexibility, and more purpose (but maybe less small talk) as they entered the workforce during a time where employees wielded considerable power. While that may strike some employers as asking for too much in the current economic environment, those that embrace the shifts may cultivate a more committed and productive young workforce.

The new efficiency
Gen Z is introducing a few new trends to the workplace, according to Insider.

  • More flexibility. Gen Z is pushing for more work-life balance, including the ability to shift around the 9–to-5 schedule so that they can run errands or unwind on a Friday afternoon, picking up the workload at night or over the weekend.
  • Less loyalty. Payroll company Gusto found that workers ages 22-26 quit at a higher rate than any other group over the past three years, which has also translated into higher wage growth.
  • Increased purpose. Gen Z quits so much because they’re trying to find a job that gives them a deep sense of purpose, not just a livelihood. Bonus points if it’s a job that also helps people.

Additionally, the four-day workweek may become commonplace as Gen Z outnumbers boomers in the workplace next year, especially as the younger generation believes that they should be able to afford a comfortable middle-class life while working less than 40 hours per week.

That’s not without precedent — the United Auto Workers fought for a 32-hour workweek in their latest contract with automakers, which brought a lot of attention to the idea.

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