Creators are stepping back from generative AI

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The Future. The rapid evolution of generative AI is causing major concerns for creators about the technology replacing human creators’ jobs and extracting from their hard work. More and more creators are looking to limit or stop their use of AI tools, but it ultimately might not be enough to stop the tide of technology.

Last year, creators were excited about using AI to speed up their creation process. This year? Not so much.

  • Rapid improvements. 2024 saw the launch of powerful new tools, like OpenAI’s Sora, causing widespread unease.
  • Creativity fracking. Creator Cassey Ho, founder of fitness empire Blogilates, said AI is “extracting our creativity and not giving back in any way.”
  • Pushing out humans. Tristan Tales, a VFX creator, says he’s alarmed that AI could eliminate many crew roles in filmmaking and hopes that “regulations are put in place soon.” 

Not very DEI
While some creators are leaning in, many others are starting to limit or avoid AI altogether due to bias and inclusivity concerns. Kahlil Greene, known as the “Gen-Z Historian” on TikTok, said:

“We don’t have enough Black people working in AI and developing these tools, so that’s going to be reflected in the finished products… AI has a long way to go before… people like me feel comfortable using it.”

Melody Song

Melody is a Bay Area-based writer exploring mental health innovation, psychedelics, and consciousness. When she’s not working with words, you can find her practicing yoga, soaking in the CA sun with a good book, or traveling somewhere tropical.


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