Grocery stores are now tourist hotspots

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The Future. Sightseeing trips to local grocery stores have become a hot new trend on social media, with visitors expressing how the retail spaces act as the perfect microcosm of a city’s culture. Considering Costco’s ambitious plan to build housing units on top of one of its new stores, don’t be surprised if high-end grocery stores introduce their own hospitality offerings that keep the fridges stocked with some of their best-selling products.

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Visitors to Los Angeles will likely visit the Griffith Observatory, the Santa Monica Pier, and, now, Erewhon.

  • Grocery stores give visitors a window into cultural flavors, show off emerging food trends, and even offer unique merch.
  • That includes (very expensive) celebrity smoothies at Erewhon, champagne tasting at Zurheide in Germany, and picking up unique spices in stores in Malaysia.
  • Some real grocery-store diehards have even admitted to flying internationally with the sole purpose of visiting unique establishments.

With Highsnobiety calling Erewhon the Supreme of supermarkets — a place where culture, fashion, and food intersect — the tourism seems well-founded. There are even “Get Ready With Me” videos about dressing for a trip to the upscale market.

Are we about to see the rise of grocery influencers?

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