Fashion readies for Kencore

The rise of Kencore

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The Future. Barbie (the movie) may be driving the conversation on a burgeoning male fashion trend of bright colors and pastels, but the transformation to the Miami beach style has been in the works all year. Subconsciously, guys everywhere are feeling the Kenergy. While Ken dolls have been following fashion trends for decades, it may be Ken who finally sets one himself.

Go Gosling
It’s a Barbie world, but we want to be Ken — Fast Company calls the trend “Kencore.”

  • Barbie co-star Ryan Gosling has gone full method with his Ken character on the movie’s press tour, wearing bright colors, pastels, and bold patterns.
  • But the style choice has gone beyond the Barbie cast — Brad Pitt and Seth Rogen have shown up to events in similar styles.
  • Pharrell’s first menswear collection for Louis Vuitton is Kenergy to the extreme.

While Ken was first invented for girls who wanted a boyfriend for Barbie (which is why he’s adorned with accessories to make him more fun to play with), Mattel has lately been marketing its Ken dolls to boys, hoping for crossover interest.

And now, with the release of Barbie this weekend, it’s time for Ken to be in the cultural spotlight.


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