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The Future. Gen Z and millennials are increasingly viewing social media stardom as a bonafide career choice. So, an education ecosystem — from middle school to college — is already popping up to support those ambitions. While legions of influencers are the stuff of Silicon Valley dreams, the infrastructure being built around influencing may lead the future job market to require that employees have the skills inherent to the creator economy. Prepare for slogans like, “Every employee is a brand influencer.”

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The influencer industrial complex is taking shape.

  • Camps and after-school programs, like Creator Camp in Texas, are popping up to meet the demand of kids who aspire to be professional influencers, which teaches skills like scriptwriting, video production, editing, and digital safety.
  • For example, Houston-based Creator Camp, started by a group of 20-somethings, has already expanded to 18 locations around Texas, serving over 1,300 students… within just two short years.
  • That makes sense when a 2019 Harris/LEGO poll found 30% of kids aged 8 to 12 put “YouTuber” as their top career choice.
  • Why the desire to become a creator? Kids at Creator Camp told WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz that becoming a YouTuber could not only help them become rich and famous but could also be avenues of social expression and self-confidence.

And it’s not just the kids. Morning Consult found 54% of people aged 13 to 34 want to become social media influencers. No wonder universities like Cornell, USC, and UCLA have even introduced courses specifically focused on social media marketing and social content creation.

Soon enough, we may have distinct majors for YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

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