Regularly living to 100 is going to stretch society

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The Future. The Stanford Center on Longevity has put together a report on what life would be like in a world where most people lived to 100. The findings stress that society must prepare for the inevitable long-term economic, environmental, and cultural implications. In the short term, organizations could start re-organizing teams to account for age diversity.

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With studies from both the CDC and UN predicting that half of today’s 5-year-olds will likely live to 100, society is not yet prepared for a world filled with elderly people… but we should start, writes Karen Breslau for Bloomberg.

  • For the first time, Americans over 65 will “account for the largest and fastest increase in the labor force,” per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And many knowledge workers can stay productive until their 80s.
  • Americans over 50 hold 83% of household wealth and command 50% of consumer spending —  making older Americans a huge and largely ignored market.
  • And new technologies and cutting-edge therapies could help keep older Americans healthy and intellectually vibrant even as they push triple digits (just think of a legion of Norman Lears).

The Stanford Center on Longevity says that this phenomenon may require societies to think differently about the classic education, work, and retirement lifecycle. Instead, we may need to consider intervals of work and non-work throughout a person’s adult life to take care of kids or study for a career change…

…which could leave countless opportunities for companies to service a new rhythm of life.

David Vendrell

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