Tomorrow’s travel may ditch the luggage

Luggage-free trips take off

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The Future. Over-tourism is becoming a major problem at travel hotspots, so some destinations are looking to cut down on the impact each traveler brings — specifically, luggage. If more travel agencies and booking platforms provide easy solutions for travelers to pack nothing but their essentials, most tourists may soon need little more than a backpack or duffel.

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These destinations want you to travel much, much lighter.

  • In Japan, Japan Airlines is testing a program where passengers can rent all their clothes instead of bringing their own, with luggage ready for them as soon as they land. It’s a pilot to measure the environmental impact of carrying bags.
  • In ski countries across Europe, like Switzerland and Austria, resorts are encouraging patrons to rent all of their equipment from the hotel (skis, poles, helmets, etc.) instead of lugging it with them.
  • In Croatia, the government is telling visitors to leave their rolling bags behind when stopping by the cobblestone streets of its capital, Dubrovnik. But if you need to bring them, just don’t roll them.
  • In safari lodges in African countries like Kenya and Tanzania, tour operators insist tourists pack their belongings in soft-sided bags with no wheels to cut down weight on light aircraft. The lodges also provide all necessary toiletries.

But with many cities also cutting down on short-term rentals, traveling light may soon be the least of your worries.

David Vendrell

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